Three Important Components Of Sales Department Training

Components Of Sales Department TrainingA company has to make sure that its employees are adequately trained on various business processes. Lack of proper training can result in non achievement of business objectives.

For Instance, it may become difficult for a new sales executive to sell a product to a high net worth customer. Similarly, it becomes difficult to sell a new product to customers without having proper knowledge on product features and benefits.

It is important for the sales department to understand the entire sales process which may involve securing a customer order; maintaining a follow up with inventory department for dispatch of goods and ensuring a continuous follow up with the customer for collection of accounts receivables.

Many small organizations may not have a separate marketing and sales department. In such a case, all marketing and sales activities are performed by the limited number of individuals available within the organization.

Hence, training needs may be limited in case of small scale organizations. Medium to large scale organizations may have a separate sales team for handling wide variety of products and services offered by the company.

Moreover, such organizations may have plans for product expansion and diversification which may require constant up gradation of knowledge and skills of the company’s sales team.

Three Important Components Of Sales Department Training

Impart Confidence

It is very important for the sales executives (involved in direct customer interaction) to confidently deal with potential and existing customers. Rather confidence is one of the important prerequisite for a sales job.

Training should be provided to improve the confidence level of the sales executives in order to generate sales leads from new customers. Training should be provided through practical case scenarios whereby executives should be trained on how to handle difficult customers and convert a potential deal into business for the company.

Impart Knowledge

Simply giving a product brochure to a sales executive will never result in sales for a company. Training should be provided in order to ensure that sales executives are well informed on the products/services they are supposed to sell.

Practical tests can also be taken during the training session to judge the level of sales executive’s knowledge and skills.

It is important for the sales manager to ensure that sales executives have gained in depth knowledge on the nature,benefits and features of the product before executives are made responsible for any sales related assignment.

Trainings should also be conducted for managerial personnel (such as sales manager, team leader and so on) to ensure that any kind of sales related issues which are reported by executives are handled effectively in time.

Negotiation Skills

Sales managers are often required to interact with the customers in order to collect the money due on credit sales. Many times, managers have to negotiate with the customers in order to resolve a pending issue such as delay in release of cash by the customer on account of non replacement of a faulty product by the company.

It is a must for sales managers to have excellent negotiation skills while dealing with a customer. Hence, trainings designed for sales departmentshould focus on enhancing negotiation skills of the sales team.

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