Team-building: A difficult task

Teamwork is part of work culture and organisations of various sizes have become intolerant of individuals working for their own needs and objectives. Team-building skills are very critical in nature. An employee with better understanding of teamwork would certainly be considered as an asset of the organisation.

There have been many changes across the globe and the work culture has been affected by it. Now working in teams, recognising team dynamics and working to achieve team objectives have become very important factor in every organisation. Team-building is a difficult task. It is not easy to put together people possessing similar skills and desired results would be achieved. Conflicting personalities, battling for authority and dominance in certain areas of expertise often lead to resentment among the team members. Moreover, lack of trust, openness and the overlapping authority all these factors often lead to teamwork falling apart.

A team needs a dynamic leader who can inculcate teamwork through simple means. Like communicating the organisation’s goals and expectations emphasising the core issues with clarity, making the team members aware of their responsibilities and at the same time inculcating a feeling of trust and also by being loyal with the team members.  Even social events also bring closeness and to some extent open communication is possible among the team members. But it has been noticed that socialising often leads to dealing with personal issues, hence, it doesn’t meet the purpose of team building.

Some other effective steps are group sessions which advocates collective decision-making, responsibility assigning, free communications at all levels, skip level meetings and discussions, giving rewards and recognitions to the members for their correct performances. Therefore, these steps would be helpful in consolidating the teams and would make possible to achieve the desired results.

Team building is based on sharing of dreams, having respect for the mission and most importantly the team members should possess problem solving skills. Another important factor is the personal compatibility among team members who would solely focus on organisational vision .It is the accepted fact that team building is difficult task but its effectiveness can overcome any kind of hurdles and the mission of the organisation is thus achieved in true sense.

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