Pros & Cons Of Video Conferencing

Pros & Cons Of Video ConferencingCutting edge technology has bought about many changes in our daily life. With the help of modern technological miracles the World has become a global village where anyone and everyone can have access to anything and everything they need, with the help of a click of a mouse.

But every coin has two sides. In many occasions as we have felt the need and urgency of modern technology on the other hand, it has proved to be a bane for the mankind. In recent times video conferencing has become popular among the organizations because it helps them to ease their work in many occasions. There are various pros and cons of video conferencing.

Pros & Cons Of Video Conferencing


Video conferencing is used by large multi location organizations to conduct various important strategic meetings and conferences. Companies sometimes conduct various training programs via video conferencing to eliminate the cost of travelling and boarding of the participants in the training. Now a day’s it has become a common trend for many large organizations to conduct interviews with candidates.

With the help of video conferencing it has become really easy for the company executives to make various important strategic decisions without traveling thousand miles. With video conferencing technique it has become possible for the company to see the body language of a candidate who is appearing for an interview, which will otherwise be impossible for a company to observe via telephonic interview.

As because the participants in video conferencing do not have to travel, it turn saves a lot of time and money for the company. With the invention of video conferencing method it has become really easy for the technical or information technology team to resolve various offshore technical issues for large multinational companies.

In today’s competitive business environment where every organization tries to reach at the top of the corporate ladder, the employees find it really difficult to maintain a balance between their work and personal life. As video conferencing eliminates the requirement for the employees to travel for important business meetings, now employees can spend more time with their families. Video conferencing also improves the coordination between the employees in multiple locations.

Video Conferencing

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Although it is said that, conducting a video conference will reduce the cost of travelling and lodging  for the company, but the initial cost of installing the video conferencing facility is a costly affair as it involves in getting various state of the art equipments like a faster internet connection, a good web-camera, speakers and headsets etc.

Sometimes companies have to buy video conferencing software which is again a costly investment for the company. In recent times when cyber crime and hacking is on the rise the companies have to be very careful while sharing various important information using video conferencing.

Even though in video conferencing the technology used is state of the art but it is impossible to predict any unforeseen technical errors causing an ongoing video conference to just stop, which in turn can hamper the main intention of conducting that conference.

It might be possible that the participants might be present in different time zones, so it will be a tough job for them to be available at the same time to attend the video conference. Last but not the least, there is no substitute for an effective face to face meeting.

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