Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs

Women working as entrepreneurs is not a new concept. They have been running enterprises at an individual level or with their spouses, successfully, since ages, though they have never got the credit or appreciation for the same.

With time they have learn’t the tricks of the trade and with experience have improved in terms of managerial and leadership skills. Unlike male counterparts, women entrepreneurs have different objectives behind starting an enterprise.

It is the sense of achievement and not of earning only profit, that motivates them to be entrepreneurs. The objective is different, and so are the problems faced by them and they should have a fair idea of the same  so that they can deal with them tactfully.

The foremost problem faced by women entrepreneurs is that of financing and they usually come across gender discrimination when it comes to convincing and obtaining of financial aid from the financial institutions. Also at times their is resistance from the government institutions for the purchase of goods and services from the women entrepreneurs, though this attitude is changing now.

Another issue faced by women entrepreneurs is that of balancing time that they have to execute between their venture and the family. They have to take care of the needs of their children and also execute the mangaerial functions of their business side by side.

So, it can be said that the work load of a women entrepreneur is comparatively more than that of the male counterpart. Absence of strong infrastructure, lack of educational or training programs so as to improve their technical skills with respect to the enterprise, inefficient system, casual approach of the employees towards their authority and non supportive cultural & social obstacles that view women entrepreneiureship negatively, can also be some of the problems faced by women entrepreneurs.

Also, most of the time women try to do everything by themselves and try to learn everything at the same time. This is so, because they as entrepreneurs try to prove themselves at every moment. Certainly they can do anything and everything, but they need to set their priorities right and go for the first things first. This will help them in strategising everything, utilize time in the most efficient manner and reduce their burden. And, at times it is ok to ask for help.

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