Organization Conflict: Positive and Negative Aspect

“Every coin has two sides and considering the same verity we can perceive the two facets of organization;When different departments of an organization work jointly to achieve a common goal there also persists many conflicts within different departments.

Especially if Managers or supervisors fail to elaborate the job profile, correct authority and accountability allocation, pressure generated by supervisor on junior colleagues and strict environment gets formed or may be some external factors such as agent influence could possibly cause conflicts in organization.

Above all constant changes also create lot of distress with in different department and it takes long for employees to get adapted to the change. Hence presence of too much conflicting situations and dissatisfaction among employees lead to suppressing their actual potential and source of loosing focus from their primary task.

Under such situations Managers or supervisor must council the members of conflicting group and re-configure the conflict and disagreement into dynamic environment. This reconfiguration should result in better work output from peer group members, improved decision-making and innovations.

As mentioned organization conflict has two sides, hence this conflict can be considered as trigger to productivity. Under conflicting situation the internal competition augments, which further stimulate members of the organization to boost their efficiency, knowledge and agility.

Once all the members work hard towards achieving their individual goals induced by competition, there commitment is visible, they are innovative in order to fight competition, and put themselves on high and maximum productivity.  Although traditional management style organization don’t accept the fact that conflict can proved to be beneficial, but with modern approach, success solution comes from innovation,  inventiveness, receptiveness and compliance.

Last but not least departmental heads or interdepartmental managers or supervisor must meet their peer group members once in month to discuss over the conflicting issues. Not only with motive to find the root cause and solution of conflict but to review the current work culture and to develop strategies which encourage transparent working environment. Hence conflicts in organization can not only be seen as negative factor but it provides immense scope for improvement and gateway to openness and creativity.

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