Micromanagement-Good Or Bad

Management is defined as getting work done through people. But in real sense management is about developing people through work .

People are indispensable asset of every organization.Its their individual or combined effort and growth which contributes towards the organizations growth on the whole.

Management style where the manager closely observes and controls the subordinate’s small task rather than giving general instructions and concentrating on his major  projects is said to be micro management.

Such style of functioning rises mainly due to
1) emotional /professional insecurity
2) existing organization culture
3) excessive performance pressure
4) incompetent subordinates

It’s a fact that every employee grows up in hierarchy level and so needs to develop managerial and technical skills .However, micro management acts as a hurdle in grooming and developing its employees for senior positions. Too much inference and detailing, creates a suffocating work atmosphere. Every employee needs some space to perform but such management system,prevents their employees from taking ownership of their work .It also creates a feeling of insecurity, demotivated,  unappreciated and lowers the morale and hence effects their performance level .

Micromanagement does not believe in delegation of decisions and thus restricts the free flow of information and eventually delay in decision making process. It thus acts as a hurdle in the growth of its employees and the organization on the whole.

But the real fact which everyone has to understand is that this is a competitive world and success is the keyword for survival. Managers are made responsible for success or failure of any project and for the organization on the broader spectrum.So,micro management helps.

All projects are time bound and so a close supervision is required to help and achieve the due date. Secondly, some projects involve greater risk which the subordinates hesitate to work on independently,this again needs manager’s involvement in detail. Thirdly, in case of loose management style of working, micro management helps to keep a check of its subordinates performances which in long run helps to develop good working relationship and trust.

Micro management is good or bad, its upto the organizations to understand their need and implement their ideal style of management accordingly. Different organizations face different challenges in terms of its employees, competition, work culture etc.There is no particular management style for all. Some require hands-off management and follow macro management, while rest requires more intense and close approach called micro management.

In today’s global competitive world, to avoid negative effects of micro management, there should be effective and clear communication with their employees about the necessity, reason of implementing such close management style and about the time frame of practicing the system.This will keep the employees motivated and develop trust on management .

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