Factors To Be Considered While Doing Magazine Advertising

As part of their ongoing ad campaign, each organization will be doing their print ad campaign also. Print ad campaigns, typically includes advertising in the newspapers and in the magazines. Newspapers and magazines are aplenty and come in different shapes and sizes (literally) and catering to different  audience. The magazines are typically categorized as National, Regional and local, categorized based on the periodicity – daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, categorized based on their target audience – general, men, women, students, teenagers, elders, business, technology, politics etc.

Print ad campaigns are among the costlier ad options and hence a lot of thought and plan has to go into it. Identifying the correct magazines, planning for the campaigns, scheduling the frequency all requires lot of strategy and planning. A close co-ordination between the marketing department of the organization and the creative/production/media departments of the agency is required.Let us see the top three key factors that needs to be considered while doing the magazine advertising campaign

Select The Target Magazine Carefully

Based on the nature of your product/service choose your portfolio of magazines carefully. If you are catering only to a localized and niche audience, no point in going for a national and general purpose magazine. Better to go in for a specialized trade magazine with a fairly big and regular ads. The decision should be simple and logical and driven bybusiness interests. While advertising in the big national magazines are prestigious and does give a brand edge it should be really done only if it is warranted.

Position Your Ad Copy Powerfully

The actual ad copy – whether it is a full page, half page or a back page ad should be done with utmost  care and all the expected ingredients of a professional advertisement should be there. Complete contact details including the email, web site address of the company, with at least one telephone number to be contacted should be available. The ad message should be crisp and to the point. The image or the visual used should be distinct and eye-catching and should be associated with the company even in any other ad campaigns, say in a television ad or in a billboard promotion.

Try To Get More For What You Have Paid

In return for the continuous ad support for the magazine, the marketing manager can usually squeeze out more from the magazine. Most of the magazines rely heavily on the advertisement revenue for  running their business. If the company promises a continuous support in form of advertisements it is normally rewarded.

This can be a discrete PR, an interview, a full fledged infomercial, reference or mention in the related articles, some freebies in the online ads etc. Of course any blatant promotion of the advertiser’s product will be scoffed at, but a subtle promotion here and there is generally an industry accepted practice. In normal course, the editorial department and the marketing department (of the agency) are independent and any interference is not appreciated by both the sides. Hence a bit of tight rope walking is needed here and should be carefully done.

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