Employee Promotion

It is handing over the higher-level post to an employee from inside and this upward movement is known as promotion. In other words, it is the progression of an employee to a superior job in terms of superior responsibility, greater skill, more status, and greater than before pay rate. Accordingly, the chief conditions of promotions are:

Purposes Of Employee Promotion

•    Delegation with a greater power and responsibility,
•    Reassignment of high-level jobs,
•    Higher salary.

In certain cases of promotion where salary is not increased, such promotions are called Dry Promotion. These promotions can be either permanent or temporary depending upon the requirement of the organization.

Types Of Promotion

There are 3 kinds of promotions namely Dry promotion, Vertical Promotion, and Upgradation.

Dry Promotion

In this promotion, the worker is moved to the subsequent higher level in hierarchy with a greater power, responsibility, and prestige with no increase in salary.

Vertical Promotion

In this, the employee is moved to the subsequent higher level accompanied by greater power, responsibility, position, and salary.


The job is promoted in the organizational hierarchy. As a result, the employee obtains additional salary, higher responsibility, and power.


Purposes Of Promotion

Companies promote the employees with a view to attain the subsequent purposes:

•    To make use of the employee’ knowledge, skill at the proper level ensuring in organizational efficacy and employee contentment.
•    To build up capable internal source all set to start jobs at higher levels in the altering environment.
•    To build up the competitive spirit and instill the enthusiasm to obtain higher knowledge, skills requisite by higher level of jobs.
•    To encourage a feeling of contentment and a sense of belongingness towards the organization.
•    To encourage the employee’s self development by plummeting employee turnover.
•    To chuck out the tribulations produced by the leaders of worker’s union by promoting them to officer’s level where they are not efficient in generating tribulations.
•    To reward dedicated employees, boost their confidence, and build reliability.

Basis Of Promotion

The well-established bases of promotion are:

•    Merit
•    Seniority

An additional basis of promotion, which is well practiced in unusual shades, is nepotism or favoritism. Personnel officer must have the thought of efficiency of every basis while promoting the right employee.

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