Employee Morale

In general morale refers to the espirit de corps….A feeling of enthusiasm, zeal, and confidence in every individual or groups that they will be able to deal with the responsibilities assigned to them.

A person’s passion for his job imitates the attitude of mind to work, environment, his employer and his members to make every effort for the targets set for him by the organization where he is employed.Morale as a word means and includes the following:
It is a group feeling— a group assessment of conditions, it relates to the individual worker and his own perception of the existing state of well being in the organization, it is an attitude of mind which results from mobilization of energy, interest and initiative, and job satisfaction.

Factors affecting Morale

The organization: The organization influences the workers attitude to his job by the various kinds of policies implemented and the effects it has on the general attitude of the employees arising consequently.

The Nature of Work: Many jobs of specialized or similar nature lead to a lot of boredom and work monotony, thereby reducing the employee motivation and morale to innovate, and to think and improve productivity.

The Level of Satisfaction: The satisfaction that an individual obtains from his job and performances is largely the result of the extent to which different aspects of his job are related and relevant to his job related values situations…such as opportunity for advancement, job security, opportunity to learn, steadiness of employment, etc.

Supervision received: The actions of the management exercise have tremendous influence on the morale of the employees.

Perception of opportunities and rewards: If the worker regards the rewards fair, satisfactory and sufficient, morale will tend to be higher than if the perception is poor, bleak.

The employee’s education and occupational Level: The higher the education level of the employee, the lower the job satisfaction and vice versa. The occupation level of the employee also affects the morale level of the employee.

How to improve Morale

There are several methods and tools employed by the companies to improve and sustain employee morale. These could be any of the following:

Creation of whole new job, Job Enrichment, Building responsibility, Modifying the work environment, Flexing the work hours, Job sharing, Rotation of jobs, Delegation of authority and responsibility effectively.

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