4 Main Objectives Of Collective Bargaining

collective bargainingThe technique followed to resolve the difference between employers and employees is known as collective bargaining. Employer and employees use this technique to solve the differences between them and to reach a common decision. It is a process of negotiation between the employers and employees of an organization.

Each party put forward their views, opinions and suggestions and then holds a discussion to reach an amicable solution. Another term for collective bargaining is workplace unionization. Collective bargaining is very beneficial for employees. Collective bargaining allows employees of the organization to protect and enforce their rights and helps in efficient resolution of the issues.

Objectives Of Collective Bargaining


To Give Opportunity To Workers To Participate In The Program

Collective bargaining gives an opportunity to workers to participate in the program and put forward their views before the management. The suggestions given by workers may prove useful for the organization as they are well aware of their true working conditions and have a good knowledge of how work should be done. Without the participation of workers, an organization would not be able to take correct decision that can benefit its employees.

The suggestions may also help in improving the quality of employment conditions. The participation of employees will enhance their morale and they will be motivated to give their best to their organization. They will appreciate the fact that their management cares for them and value their suggestions. The support of management will enhance their commitment to the organization.

To Improve Management-Worker Relation

Collective bargaining makes the relationship between management and workers stronger. Face to face interactions between management and workers will remove the barrier between them. Both the parties will be able to understand each other better. They will try to fully cooperate with each other by hearing the views and suggestions of each other. Workers will come to know the position of the management and vice versa. Each party will know the exact reasons of their different viewpoints.

Objectives Of Collective Bargaining

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To Resolve Industrial Disputes

Collective bargaining helps in resolving the differences between management and workers. It brings both the parties closer to each other. Each party has to listen what others have to say regarding the disputed matter. It is the right of each participant to give his or her views on the matter. Everybody is given the chance to explain his or her problems and difficulties he or she faces while performing his or her job.

Each problem is discussed thoroughly and efforts are made to reach a solution. Collective bargaining breaks the boundary between management and workers which is very essential for the success of any organization. If the two parties do not agree on a common solution then a mediator is appointed by the two parties to resolve the issue. If, however, the mediator is unsuccessful in convincing the parties to reach to a common solution then arbitration technique is used to solve the matter.

To Give Fringe Benefits To Employees

This is also one of the important objectives of collective bargaining. Workers need basic fringe benefits like paid time off for vacations and illness, retirement funds, basic health care and expanded health care with perks.

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