organic farming business

Setting up an Organic Farm

You are not satisfied with your job where you have to work for somebody else. You are no longer getting any satisfaction from your…

Segmenting Big Tasks

Top Time Management Skills

Time is precious. You can’t buy or store time but thankfully you can manage it. There are different types of time management skills, tools…

STEP Factors In Marketing

Customers are the central focus for every organization. So, the basic objective of every organization is to meet its customer’s needs and requirements by…


Capital Rationing

Every company maintains budget for different departments. This article deals with budget for investing in projects. The technique of capital budgeting is applied to…

An Insight Into Advertisement

You will often see that a particular product of a company sells more than a similar product of another company, despite no tangible

window advertising

Window Advertising Business

Advertising is considered as an important and indispensable step taken by any business for promotion of its products and increasing sales volume. There are…

Tools of Promotional Advertising

When a person thinks about advertising, some common forms that come into his mind are banner advertising, print advertising, pay per


Issue Management: Relevance And Process

In the present environment, political and social dynamics are changing everyday and this changing dynamics is effecting the organizations at regular intervals.


Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

There are a number of important characteristics in common that are shared by great and successful entrepreneurs. Most of the characteristics are learned or…

6 Ways To Produce A Magazine

6 Ways To Produce A Magazine

Do you have a flair for writing? Do you dream of producing your own magazine someday? If the answer to all these questions is…

courier service home business

How Does a Courier Service Work?

A number of businesses and organizations need courier services to carry their work smoothly. Even lawyers, doctors, hospitals and automotive repair shops use courier…


Funding Your Small Business

The first and the foremost glitch, experienced by most entrepreneurs, who want to start up their own small business is to arrange for funds…

Three Important Issues In Strategic Management

Strategy designing Strategic-management is the method of highlighting the organization’s vision and objectives, making policies using programs and projects to materialize the stipulated aims…

First Aid Kit Business

First Aid Kit Business

One of various businesses that can be started with very low investment is first aid kit business. Injuries are very common and